Patricia is well informed on issues affecting public education in Calgary and the province. She has attended and spoken at Calgary Board of Education Public Board meetings and served on the CBE’s naming committee for the new Griffith Woods School.

Patricia is an active and long standing Board Member and Vice President of the Discovery Ridge Community Association. Patricia is also a Director with the Sabrecats Lacrosse Association and volunteers regularly at her children’s schools. She is highly competent and can work effectively with a wide range of people.

Patricia lives in Calgary with her husband Paul, their three children and two cats. Paul practises Corporate Security Law and is a product of the Calgary Board of Education. Her children are 11, 13 and 15 years old and all attend public schools. Her mother and in-laws are all retired public school teachers.

In her spare time Patricia spends countless hours in hockey rinks and lacrosse floors throughout the city.


Patricia graduated from the University of Alberta in 1991 with a Bachelor of Education specialising in Early Childhood Education followed by the completion of her Master of Education (Science) in 1997.

Patricia enjoyed over a decade of successful teaching with Edmonton Public Schools and public boards in the Calgary area. She has worked as a Classroom teacher as well as a Resource teacher with ESL, Learning Disabled, and Gifted and Talented students. She was nominated for the Edwin Parr Excellence in Teaching award.


The Health & Wellness of our students is critical to their academic success. As a Board, we need to further develop a system-wide approach combining health and human services at our schools. Using schools as community hubs where wrap-around services can provide families and students with the necessary supports and resources is essential. Student anxiety, depression, and mental health issues impact students in our schools and with a collaborative approach we can provide the best support possible.

Patricia believes in the importance of Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs) at schools. Providing a place where students feel safe and supported by peers and staff is paramount to all students’ learning and well-being. She does not believe we should be outing students. Patricia has signed the S.O.S. (Support Our Students) pledge to signify this.

*Please note signing this pledge is strictly about confirming for Alberta voters a commitment by trustee candidates to the points listed in pledge below, and is not an indication of support for SOS Alberta initiatives. (Source: S.O.S.)

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